Ideas on Updating Your Windows

Modern windows give character to a house and are energy-efficient as well as making a statement. Here are some tips on how to renovate your windows.

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First, allow yourself some weeks to research and plan, and more for the delivery of the windows. You may need to employ a structural engineer, general contractor or architect.

Local firms may stock popular window brands; some might manufacture windows themselves, but beware, as these may lack a warranty.

Types of Windows


Fixed windows, known as picture windows when they are larger, won’t open. They are often combined with other sorts of windows.

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In the bigger frame of the entire window unit, the sash is the frame of the window that holds the glass. Sashes may be fixed or alternatively operable.


The pane is the window’s area of glass. Windows can contain single or multiple panes of glass – manufacturers can create fake multi-pane windows for visual effect.


Sliding windows are often the cheapest operable window. Most have one fixed and one sliding sash.


Mitred windows encompass two sections of single glazing, hung to form a corner. This is usually done to showcase a view.


Hung windows may be pushed down or lifted up, depending on how they are built. Double-hung windows have both the top and bottom in operation. With single-hung windows, the upper sash is fixed.

Window Materials

Wood and aluminium are traditionally materials, while today vinyl, steel and fibreglass join the list of useful components. All of these materials can be used by combining them.

or a selection of Aluminium Windows of different shapes, colours and designs you could pop over to sites including It’s always a good idea to get trusted professionals to do a job as important as replacing windows and they can show you which ones are the best for you and why.


Casement windows swing open the same way a door opens. Screens can be mounted and reached from inside a room. The appearance of these windows can be very handsome.


Awning windows are opened by lifting outwards and swinging up. They are like horizontal casement windows.

Glass Block

More like a translucent wall than a traditional window, glass block stays popular as an excellent solution for spa-type bathrooms needing natural light but wanting to maintain privacy.

Modern architecture is best matched to glass block. It makes a statement and stands out, so it should be employed sparingly and carefully.

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