Improving – not moving

If your plan to move to a bigger house has been postponed, then do not despair because it may be better to increase the one you are in. With financial squeezes and house prices at crazy levels, you will not be alone in thinking that it might be better to stay for a while. One survey found that 91% of homeowners who are considering moving have now decided to stay at least for six months. So, it seems that for many people, the solution is to improve the property you currently live in.

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There is something to be said for avoiding all the pressure to sell property in an uncertain market like this. An additional benefit of this is that if you finally decide the time is right to sell, then you have added extra value to your home. A home will likely be the largest single purchase ever and so getting the maximum potential out of it really matters. With that in mind, what simple steps can be taken to increase the value of your current home?

If you feel the need for more space, then the general trends include converting the loft or building an extension. For House Extensions Birmingham, visit a site like ifurb, a provider of House Extensions Birmingham.

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If you have high expectations for a larger kitchen or extra bedroom, then you might want to consider an extension. You might need planning permission but there are expectations that the government will make this process much easier. A single or double storey extension could potentially add 10 to 50% to the value of your property so it could be worth the investment.