Keeping Gas Costs Down at Home

With summer just around the corner it’s almost time to turn off the heating! But have you got the most from your gas this winter?

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A report from The Money Advice Service places gas at number two of the most expensive annual household costs, with only food costs beating it. As it is the most expensive utility, it makes sense to understand how you can adapt your habits and lifestyle in order to bring this household cost down as much as possible. Here are some tips on how to save on your gas costs at home.

Understand Your Heating System

Taking time to read the manual of your boiler or heating system could save you money. Learn how the controls, thermostats and timers work so that you’re only using heat when you actually need it. Timers are useful, but when they aren’t used properly this can mean the heating coming on even when nobody is home.

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Don’t Block Radiators

Furniture, clothing and curtains can all insulate the heat coming from your radiators, making the room feel cooler and making it so the boiler has to work longer to achieve higher heat. This uses more fuel and consequently more money. If you really want to get the most from your radiators, you could consider fitting a radiator booster, which is effectively a small fan that sits above the radiator and circulates the heat as it rises.

Insulate Your Home

You’ll be surprised just how much difference good wall insulation or double (or even triple) glazing can make to the heat savings in your home. It might mean an initial investment, but eventually you will almost certainly save on your heating costs. Good door and window curtains can also help keep heat in a room.

Check Your Supplier

Take time to check that you are getting the best deal from your energy supplier – if not, consider moving. You should also consider fitting a gas meter box from and avoid paying estimated bills so that you know you’re only paying for what you’re using.

Find Other Heat Sources

It might sound obvious, but putting an extra layer on, filling a hot water bottle or making use of an open fireplace will really keep your costs down. Before you reach for the central heating, consider whether there is another option.