Lucky 4 Leaf Clover? How about 56 Leaves for luck?

Of all the symbols of luck, the four leaf clover is perhaps the most iconic and elusive. In fact anyone who has spent time on their hands and knees looking for one might assume that this is actually a myth and that clovers can only have three leaves or less.
Luck seekers will be pleased to hear that clovers can actually have more leafs than four, with the current world record for clover leafs being 56.

This record was set by Japanese clover-obsessive Shigeo Obara, who made the momentous discovery of the 56 leaf clover back in May of 2009. This was not a fluke discovery, but rather the result of many years of searching and study by Mr Obara; he even held the previous world record for most leaves on a single clover, showing the extent of his dedication.

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It seems unlikely that this record will be broken any time soon and for the vast majority of people even finding a 4 leaf clover will seem mundane by comparison. Indeed anyone who has tried to find something specific on the internet might be similarly vexed about the difficulties they face, even with the power of modern search algorithms at their disposal.

Search Solutions

Search engines are constantly evolving, although often the changes can be problematic for the businesses which rely on them to remain visible to potential customers. And this is why it is important for organisations to embrace a multipronged approach to digital marketing, rather than relying solely on one platform to increase traffic and generate sales.

In fact a recent report form Econsultancy has shown that there will be marketing budget increases across almost two thirds of businesses this year as organisations attempt to master the digital realm and avoid being as hard to find as a four leaf clover.

Organic search ranking is obviously important, although to a degree this is a little like a website behaving like a clover in a field and relying on forces outside of its control to result in someone finding it. So other forms of companies can harness, such as those offered by  a web design agency in Cardiff.
Play the Field

PPC campaigns can be an effective use of marketing budget, especially if you are getting help from those with experience in the industry so that your site is visible to the right audience and capable of generating plenty of conversions from increased inbound traffic.

Social media is another important element of modern digital marketing, with sites encouraged to embrace as many platforms as possible to improve their presence and ensure that they are active where users will inevitably be lurking.

Rather than waiting to be found by a persistent enthusiast, sites should put themselves on a pedestal and make the most of the marketing tools that exist today so that they do not need to rely on a four leaf clover to bring them luck.