Making sure you claim everything you can

Being self-employed has many perks including being able to set your own work timetable and only being answerable to yourself. But it also has its drawbacks including the need to instantly become an expert in every aspect of running a business. This is where Accountants Cheltenham can help, especially as your business finances are something you don’t want to get wrong.

There are a number of expenses that are incurred during the day to day running of your business that you are allowed to claim, although it is always best to check with your accountant first. These can include:


This is all trips that are solely for business purposes and can include either a fuel claim if you are using a company vehicle or a mileage claim if you are using a personal vehicle. Mileage is claimed at two incremental rates, so it is important to make sure that you track your journeys and keep either a spreadsheet or use a tracking app to make sure you claim every mile that you do for business.

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Office expenses cover everything from the physical environment costs such as rent and utilities and also includes furniture items, computer and other equipment and stationery items. Other than staff costings this is usually the largest expenses category for many businesses and also often the place where people miss making a claim. For example you run out of pens so pop to the local supermarket to grab some and forget to put your receipt in to claim these as an allowable expense.


This includes clothing that is branded, uniforms and any PPE equipment. It does not include general work wear such as suits and shirts. Uniforms and branded items effectively remain the property of the business and should be handed back by any staff member should they leave employment. The reason why other clothing items cannot be claimed for, is because it would be difficult to prove that they are solely or work use.

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Marketing & Advertising

In order to have a viable business you need to have clients and customers, and this means advertising and marketing to your chosen market segments. Again, this is quite a broad category and can include branding merchandise that you plan to give away to clients or maybe at a networking event, attendance at a networking event, creation and maintenance of your website along with any other signage.