Original Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you have a Halloween fancy dress party coming up (or any fancy dress party for that matter) you will of course want to have a great and original costume. Have a look below at some amazing costume ideas and how you can make them yourself so you really stand out!


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Of course there will always be the usual vampires and witches, but if you want to stand out a bit, how about a scary character from TV or film – Bond Villains are great – iconic characters like Oddjob are easy to emulate. Look in charity shops for a bowler hat and suit, and don’t forget the little moustache! How about a childhood classic villain – the hood from thunderbirds is a great one (check him out being evil here), with his big black eyebrows and sinister scowl! Make sure you wear yellow contacts for those fearsome eyes! For women, Rita from power rangers is a great idea – the dress can be made from a large brown dress, adorn the neckline with a large collar, you can make one from card, and go overboard with dark coloured feathers. Make the hat by getting a cheap plastic Viking hat (you know, the ones with the two horns) then add papier mache to build the horns up to the size Rita has them, and pain brown and silver.


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Maybe you would rather be a good guy than a bad guy? Comedy character Austin Powers is a lot of fun, a bright coloured suit and lots of Union Jack accessories – a ginger wig and glasses are essential, and a set of comedy teeth – this guy could really do with some clear braces from Docklands Dental! If there are two of you going together, you can have some great fun as a comedy duo – Eddie and Patsy from Ab Fab – a faux fur coat, large handbag and feather boas are must haves for this – drunken antics obviously help! Or how about classic kid’s favourites the Chuckle Brothers – invest in a pair of false moustaches – and of course practise the ‘to me, to you’s’ and you are good to go!


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Whatever you decide to go as, remember it doesn’t have to be expensive – with a bit of planning you can find almost anything in charity shops or second hand auction sites. So use your creativity and have a good time at the party!