Quick Ways to Look Younger

Looking younger does not have to take hours to achieve. There are many simple steps that can be taken to help us eradicate the effects of ageing with minimal effort.

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To avoid skin drying out, moisturise your skin. It is a quick, easy process which needs to be carried out every day to stay effective.


Exfoliating your skin is another quick process which will help to keep you looking youthful whilst maintaining good skin quality. There are lots of products available, and they will stimulate the production of collagen, which will help to stop skin from sagging.

Ice Cube/Ice Water

Try rubbing a cube of ice on your mouth, cheeks and nose and around your eyes. You will instantly look younger and rejuvenated. Alternatively, you can soak your face in a sink filled with iced water. You will be amazed at how this will help to tighten your skin and lessen the visibility of wrinkles. It will also help to prevent acne.

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Thread Lifts

A thread lift (further details of which are set out at https://cathedralfacialaesthetics.co.uk/non-surgical-facelift/thread-lift/main) produces instant results. According to the Express, new collagen production is stimulated by using PDO threads and this results in a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and folds. Should you be considering thread lifts Cardiff has many options available.

Change Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle can drastically change your image. Consult a hairdresser to see what changes can be made to your style in order to help you to shed the years.

Teeth-Whitening Toothpaste

Having whiter teeth will help you to appear young and vibrant. Incorporate the use of whitening toothpaste into your daily routine.


The use of a blusher that is slightly more red than your skin colour will give you a young and energetic look. If you forget to use make-up in the morning, you can pinch your cheeks to create the colour or splash them with ice cold water.


Consciously choose your most flattering clothes. Colour can also play an important role in highlighting your natural features or draining you. Enjoy finding out the colour combinations and clothes that work for you and the confidence that this will bring.


Standing up tall will help you to feel and look young and confident, whilst slumping your shoulders will add years to your appearance.