Should I get a home cinema?

Home cinemas are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies. They combine the professional experience of a real cinema trip, but you don’t have to leave your own home. That means you can watch a big box office film whilst in your pyjamas!

But is a home cinema right for you?

If you think that home cinemas are expensive and only installed in large houses, think again. You can have a home cinema installed affordably without compromising on quality. Consumer costs are dropping so you can create a luxury home cinema experience better than ever before.

Do you have the space?

You don’t need a dedicated room to house a home cinema. A playroom, garage, office or even a shed can all be easily transformed, and all with dual functionality so that you’re not wasting the room when it isn’t being used. Projectors and flat screens don’t take up floor space and can be fixed on a ceiling or wall. Modern, high-quality surround sound and entertainment units are also much smaller than they traditionally were, so you don’t need that much space. The biggest item in your home cinema will be the chairs and other seating.

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If you like to entertain your friends and family, a home cinema is a great addition to your home. You can have viewing parties for the first episode of your favourite series. Some shows on TV are truly at their best on a big screen and with surround sound. You can make a party out of it with themed food, drinks, even costumes! Likewise, sporting events are best viewed in a space designed specifically for entertaining. If you’re a loyal supporter or like watching the big events like the Olympics, a home cinema is the best place to watch them.

You can integrate your home cinema with a home automation system that creates the perfect atmosphere for watching a movie. It can dim the lights and close your shades automatically with a single push of a remote of tap on a touch screen. You’ll want to hire a professional home automation company who specialise in home automation, like to set up your digital systems.

So perhaps the question shouldn’t be should I get a home cinema, but when should I get a home cinema?