Six Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

Often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is nonetheless one of the most important. It’s a place of relaxation and sanctuary, so it should have every bit as much focus and effort as other rooms. Take care to avoid these easy mistakes.

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1. Failure to future proof

You should expect your bathroom style to last at least ten years. Planning a beautiful bathroom now is great, however, if your circumstances could change in the next few years, consider that now; perhaps you are going to sell your house, or maybe you might have children – a bath is important for families.

2. Disregarding the layout

The way the room is laid out now does not necessarily mean it is the best layout, or the only way it can work. In the same vein, don’t be tempted to change things just for the sake of it.

3: Focus on Fashion

Trends can be important, but sometimes they just won’t work in your space; period chic is very difficult to carry off in a new-build for example, or vice versa. Take the elements you can and adapt them to your property.

4: Ignoring Accessories

Choosing the right tiles and flooring is one thing, but it’s the details that will make the space work. Think towels, plants, even candles. They add personality and make the bathroom yours.

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5. Forgetting Storage

Bathroom showrooms always look stunning but they don’t reflect the reality of toothbrushes, make-up, cleaning products and more. Keep your space looking like a catalogue by incorporating adequate storage.

6. Ignoring Expert Advice

All of us can learn from the experts. The bathroom is not the same as other rooms in the house and there are lots of technical elements to consider, not least the proximity of water to electricity.

It is often worth consulting a specialist such as Avoca Bathrooms, who carry out bathroom renovations Dublin and Ireland wide, who can draw on years of experience.

Give it plenty of thought before you start and plan ahead. If you have a small bathroom space to work on, see the tips from Forbes to get specific ideas for a more ‘compact and bijou’ space.

Of course, updating accessories can make an instant impact and change the whole look of the room very quickly and inexpensively.