Keeping safe at night after a cheeky tipple

An invitation to the party of the season and promise of a great night out is always enough to lift the spirits.  Choosing the right venue is important as this can make or break your night and places like a Cheltenham Nightclubs company will give you a night to remember found at sites like
Recently, though, there have been a number of high-profile cases that have ended in tragedy. Unfortunately, an innocent night out can end in disaster – often due to individual carelessness.

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In the pursuit of fun, party-goers are forgetting responsibility for themselves and others.

Dangers at Play

Recalling a few simple tips can help secure personal safety. Planning in advance is essential. Sharing the cost of transport with friends can ensure nobody becomes isolated.

For those living in that area, for example, advance booking of a Surrey party bus secures safe transport at both ends of the evening.

Many fail to eat prior to and during a night out. They forget to alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or soft drink. In addition, a lack of education about the unit strength of alcohol can result in a disastrous evening.

Always ensure drinks are never left unattended. Enlist the help of friends and share this responsibility amongst the group. Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that drinks are increasingly being tampered with. It may help to have a designated non-drinker for the evening.

The police recommend carrying personal alarms, whether you are male or female. Carry a mobile phone and inform others of your plans.

Never separate from friends or walk home alone. If walking is the only option, however, stick to well-lit and busy routes.

Peace of Mind

When considering transport, its important to remember that it’s not always possible to secure a taxi on the night itself. Black cabs are in high demand, and licensed cabs can only be pre-booked.

Regional public transport options are often accessible and plentiful. Safe suggestions on how to get home, such as those suggested by, can help with planning.

For those living in Gloucestershire, a search for a professional transport company would be ideal. There are transport alternatives. It may be surprising, but quality, reliable and safe transport can be more accessible than first thought. Spreading the costs can secure safety in numbers.

It’s important to select companies that use experienced and reliable drivers. Many businesses offer financially accessible yet bespoke services.

Ultimately, however, the more you plan, the safer you’ll be.