Sunburn: Dealing With It Quickly and Effectively

It happens to everyone at some point, but there is nothing worse than working in Part Time Care London for a company like, getting to your care client and finding out that the previous day or perhaps earlier in the morning they have sat too long out in the sun. Maybe they forgot to apply sunscreen or to cover up whilst sitting outside. Before they realised they were left with a  sunburn as a memento.

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There are ways in which you can help relieve some of their discomfort and perhaps even your on, if it is you that has a sunburn after tending to their garden for them.

These basic strategies can help you deal with sunburn in a fast and efficient way.

Immediate Actions

The best way to tackle sunburn is to start treating it before it takes hold. As soon as you notice your skin is pink or red, and perhaps just a little sore, experts agree that immediate action is called for. With luck, this will help reduce your suffering in the days to come.

Take non-steroid-based painkillers – something with ibuprofen is best. Wash these down with plenty of water, as hydrating your skin is a priority at this early stage.

Grabbing a very quick cool shower will also help to calm your damaged skin. Although it is tempting, staying under the water until your skin wrinkles could make things worse.

After a quick pat dry, apply something soothing to your skin. Avoid anything harsh; choose instead a natural, non-chemical lotion such as aloe vera gel, which is nature’s secret weapon for sore skin. If all else fails, you could raid the cupboard for cucumbers or black tea and concoct a home remedy for sunburn but you should always be careful when doing this.

Choose loose clothing, preferably light in colour (to deflect the sun] and made from linen, or another natural fibre.

Follow-up Actions

These tips should help the sunburn to heal faster and better, but it is vital to continue your treatment plan until fully recovered. Men who use beard oils should bear in mind that, like anything applied to the body, some may irritate sore skin. Don’t take a chance, as you can find natural beard oils that are kind to the skin from specialist suppliers.

Sunburn is never fun, but by acting fast and having the right products available, it is entirely possible to get a headstart on avoiding the worse of the pain and skin damage. Acting fast, rehydrating with water and choosing natural remedies for the skin seem to be key. Best of all, try to avoid getting burnt in the first place.