The benefits of using a combi boiler.

In this day and age of increased energy use we all want to save money. It is very likely that energy costs will go up in the coming decades. There are a great many strides being made all the time in renewable energy but, for now at least, we will need to use more traditional methods for awhile yet. There is a cheaper option at the moment and that is by using a combi boiler. We can have a look at the types available but it is a good idea to consider Boiler Installation services provided by the combi man as he is the Boiler Installation Cheltenham expert on the subject.

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Getting a Combi boiler means that straight away you’ll know that you are getting efficiency from your fuel system. All combi boilers legally have to operate at 92 percent efficiency levels making them the best on the market. At 92 percent you’ll know that only 8% of that is wasted and that means that you’ll have a greener house in terms of carbon footprint plus lower bills and hardly anything is wasted. That means that for every pound that you spend only 8 pence is not used. Older boilers may only get up to fifty five percent capacity so you will notice the difference as soon as you replace the old for the new.

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There is no need for you to have a huge water tank with a combi as the water is heated at source. Combi’s simply do not need one as the unit itself is pretty compact this means that you can fit it into a nice tight space like a cupboard. This makes it ideal for the small home, apartment or flat. Another advantage is that they are extremely ease to install. As we said earlier they can pretty much fit in anywhere in the house and because they are so easy to set up they do not cost you the earth to add to your home.

As soon as you use the system it gives you hot water. There is no more waiting around for the tank to warm up or fill up again. Don’t forget, with the Combi Boiler you do not have to waste money keeping a tank of water, that you might not use, warm. That saves on energy costs straight away. Added to that is the fact that the water is taken straight from the mains supply and this means that the water has a much greater pressure rather than the gravity fed loft or airing cupboard tank.