The most popular home improvement trends of 2019

Each year certain home decor trends seem to grab the imagination of interior designers and homeowners. Key developments in home improvements and styling living spaces include these techniques, which could make your home brighter and more appealing.

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Glittering appeal

Metallics have been popular for while, and gold is asserting itself as embossing on furniture, on benchtops and making a luxe statement on feature walls. Bathrooms are also gaining more attention as rooms to live in, that need to be decorated with wallpaper and chandeliers.

The great outdoors

Designers are keen on the idea of extending living spaces into the garden with a fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen. There is no reason why outdoor space cannot be enjoyed all year round. Structures outside, such as sheds or gazebos are overdue for invigorating with bright colours too. When it comes to inspiration for colours, Pantone has nominated Serenity (blue) and Rose Quartz (pink) as their designer hues of the moment.

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Jewels in the crown

The roof has come under scrutiny of late, and slate roofing, considered to be timelessly elegant, is set for a surge in popularity. It helps that slate tiles are available in fashionably muted shades such as black, green and grey. In this article from The Telegraph, it is reported that demand for slate has even lead to an old mine being re-opened.

Investment Opportunities

Large entrances, emulating those found in rural buildings, are all the rage too. Extend or refashion existing space for the farmhouse look with urban chic.  If you are looking to expand your property this can also increase its value.  To help with the financial costs of this you could consider equity release.  Palmer Associates help with equity release Gloucestershire requirements in addition to all other financial experts that also offer this within their field across the UK.



Going green

Sustainability and eco-friendly homes are another key trend. Managing water, power from solar panels and even reducing energy use with better insulation and double glazing are all to be embraced.

Changing element of your home can make it brighter, more liveable, and capitalise on the potential of underused spaces. Sometimes more space isn’t needed, but simply making better use of what is already there to add enjoyment and value.