The Ultimate Boiler System Layout Guide

If you are setting up a new commercial building in Bristol, it is likely that you will need to think about installing boilers. Boilers are one of the most common forms of commercial heating in the UK, and although they are normally installed by professionals, they are occasionally installed by the people who own the building.

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But if you want to install a boiler in your building, you need to know what you are doing first. After all, boilers are fairly expensive, and if you do the job poorly the boiler may become damaged or broken.

Here are a few tips that can reduce on-site problems when installing a boiler.

Boiler Installation Bristol: Setting Up the Boiler

Start by making sure that you are installing a eco-friendly boiler that complies with government standards.

If the water pipe is larger than the connection to the boiler, you can use a reducer to make it fit. Make sure that you add both isolation and union to all of the pipe connections.

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It is important to make sure that there are test posts on all of the gas isolation valves. This will help to reduce future maintenance issues.

You must fill, pressurise and purge the boiler of air before the boiler is used. You can use an air separator to do this. You must also isolate the boiler before you flush the system. This is because flushing through the boiler can cause debris.

Make sure that the system expansion tank is charged and properly connected to the lowest pressure point before starting the supply pump. This will ensure that the pressure inside the boiler is correct before you start using it.

Boiler Installation Bristol: Start-up Tips

Are you thinking about Boiler Installation Bristol? If so, you will also need a few start-up tips.

When you first start up the boiler you must make sure it is on a high fire, as this will set the combustion rate. However, the heater shouldn’t be left on for too long, as if the water inside is too hot the start-up process won’t be completed.

Installing a boiler may be a complex process, but if you follow the instructions step by step you shouldn’t have a problem. Alternatively, you can hire boiler installation specialists to install the boiler for you.