The world of motivational speakers

Motivational speakers come from all walks for life, with some telling similar stories to others, but all of them aim to inspire others through sharing their past experiences and work lives with others. TED talks have become an incredibly popular way of people streaming talks from people from all around the world. These are great for individuals looking for something specific, but you may want to look at booking in a speaker like if you are looking to motivate a team of your employees or perhaps looking for inspirational people to come and talk to your students, as having someone there in person will always have more of an impact.

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Here are some facts about the TED talks that you may not know about.

TED actually stands for technology, entertainment and design and are run by a non for profit company called the Sapling Foundation. It was Richard Warman who held the first TED talk event in 1984 and this was initially going to be a one-off event. He held this as he saw some links and similarities between the worlds of technology, entertainment and design (hence the name!).

Since 1990 these talk events have been arranged on an annual basis and have focused mainly on technology and design that links to the incredible work that is undertaken in Silicon Valley. Following on from the success of this TED has expanded and virtually any topic is covered with some of the talks pulling in millions of viewers. There have been talks on everything from science based topics right through to mindfulness and ways in which to support your own mental health.

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Speakers come from all backgrounds and aren’t always educational professionals or specialists in their in given fields, it is the experiences that matter the most rather than someone’s educational or work background. The more down to earth the person is, the easier it is for people to relate to them, which in essence is the reason for the talks in the first place. If you are lucky enough to attend a TED talk in person you will find that the atmosphere is incredible and the audience is supportive of the speaker. There are some rules that everyone attending to be an audience member are asked to abide by to make the day as enjoyable for everyone as possible.