Things make-up artists wish you wouldn’t do

When it comes to applying our make-up, most of us learn our methods from a mum, older sister or our friends, so it makes sense that what we’re learning might not be certified by professionals! Make-up artists work long hours, have a natural ability to colour match at a glance and recognise skin types instantly. With this in mind, here are some actions that cause make-up artists to cringe:

  • Not using lip liner

Apparently, this is a big no-no. A woman should never apply a bold colour without first applying lip liner. It’s too easy to end up looking like a clown, with bright smudgy lips whereas a lip liner keeps things neat, tidy and looking professional. Always ensure the lip liner is the same shade as the lippy.

  • Lash curling after mascara

This is damaging to your lashes and makes it easier for them to be ripped out. Curling when your lashes are sticky from mascara can lead to losing lashes or getting in an icky, clumpy mess when you put wet lashes between the clamps. Curl first and then apply your mascara.

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  • Incorrect use of bronzer

If you have pale skin, covering your face in bronzer to look tanned is not going to work, you’ll just look silly. Remember that bronzer is shimmery so cannot be used for contouring your face as it reflects the light. A contour on your face should always be matte to create shadow. The same caution should be applied to moisturising creams with shimmer. During the day, reflecting too much light could leave you looking like a disco ball!

  • Dirty brushes

Cleanliness is highly important to make up artists. They have large kits that are shared amongst many people, so they have to be clued up on hygiene. You should never use other people’s mascara or make-up unless it’s an object that can be cleaned. Don’t share lipstick or lip gloss and keeping sponges and brushes for too long without washing or replacing is asking for trouble in the spread of bacteria. For ultimate brush-cleaning ease, try the Stylpro brush cleaner from beauty matters

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  • Not replacing mascara quick enough

Another pet hate of make-up artists is those us who top up an almost empty mascara with water or cooking oil to moisten it up when it’s dried out to try and make it last longer. According to the professionals, that runs the risk of catching an eye infection, so we should cough up and replace a mascara as soon as it starts to dry out.

  • Incorrect use of eyebrow pencils

The correct way to use a make-up pencil is to thicken the appearance of hair that’s already there, not for drawing hair that isn’t there. Powder should be used for giving the appearance of something that isn’t there. Using pencil to draw on eyebrows will not give you a natural look. You need to use powder to fill empty spots and lengthen lines.