Tips to extend vase life of fresh-cut flowers

Who in this world doesn’t want to preserve flowers? Just look at yourself, don’t you find the ways to keep the freshness of cut flowers? We know you do. Whether you order the flowers online or take the time to put together an arrangement, you want them to last much longer in the vase. People receive numerous flowers on birthdays, anniversaries and other special days, some so gorgeous and memorable that they wish to stay with them forever. And who can blame them the natural beauty and pleasant aroma of flowers delight everyone. So, if you are one of those who want to extend their enjoyment by maintaining the freshness of cut flowers, give us a smile. We are here with some handy tips to stretch your flower-buying dollar a little farther.

Early morning

The best time to cut flowers is early morning. If you are picking some flowers from your garden, get them in cool temperature, before the dew dries. Most florists that provide flowers free delivery choose the same time for cutting flowers. Cut just-opening flowers so they can spur new blooms and avoid the diseased ones.

Put them in pail

While cutting flowers, make sure the air bubbles don’t get in to stems. An easy solution for it is to make sharp slanted cut with the help of knife and place the stems in pail of water immediately. This will improve water-uptake and prevent wilting. To avoid decay, take out the bruised leaves and foliage below water level so they cannot affect the life of your flowers.

Prepare and condition the flowers

Before arranging the flowers, prepare them for the new environment. Place the stems in lukewarm water in a cool, dark place and let them absorb water. The temperature of water also extends their life and freshness; use warm water, not hot!

Clean the vase

Whether you like to display your flowers in long crystal vase or in a small jar, make sure it is clean. Wash your container with hot soapy water to remove the dirt, debris and bacteria and rinse it properly. You can also use a bottle brush to clean it thoroughly.

Arrange the flowers

Fill the container with warm mineral water and arrange your conditioned flowers in it. Hard and soft water leave deposits and increase the aging process, so avoid them. If you plan to use florist foam or any other arranging aid, make sure it is clean and soak it in water until it sinks. Insert stems carefully.

Provide them food

Change the water every couple of days to remove the toxic substances that may shorten their vase life. For better results add homemade flower preservatives to water; commercial preservatives are expensive and less effective, so prepare it in your home. Various methods are used to prepare preservative. You can mix fresh or bottled lemon juice, sugar and bleach in warm water, your preservative is ready.

Besides these, keep a few other tips in mind as well. Keep the flowers in cool and dry places. Never put them on top of appliances, near heaters, fireplace or unsealed fruits and vegetables, which generate ethylene.