Top tips for moving house in winter

Moving house is not the easiest of exercises, but moving in winter has its benefits. For a start, it is likely to be cheaper and less competitive as most people prefer summer or have to fit their move in around school calendars.

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Different priorities come under the spotlight for a winter move, so planning ahead takes on extra significance. This is especially true of the utilities; don’t risk being cut off on either end. Warmth and light will be essential with shorter days, and the family will not thank you for unpacking in gloves. Check with the agent and make sure that the house you are leaving also has electricity right up until the last minute. The extra cost of another day will be worth it.

Weather precautions

Clear snow and prepare entrance paths and driveways the day before the move with salt or sand. Check again for overnight changes, and keep a small radio for weather bulletins as you will be busy elsewhere. If you can’t do it yourself, make sure the agent does, along with securing and clearing parking spaces as close as possible to the house. Accidents will risk your precious belongings and endanger people. Hours in an unfamiliar A&E will not enhance the experience.

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Check your route regularly as the move gets under way. Make sure your own vehicle is winter-worthy with oil, snow chains, water and supplies, shovels and spares.

Cover carpets and flooring with appropriate materials, such as cardboard or plastic, to prevent damage and slipping. Have hot drinks in constant supply and spare gloves and hats in case conditions worsen.

Prepare for the worst

Make a contingency plan and check the terms of the removal contractor or their policy in the event of inclement weather. Your removal team needs to be on the site, so communicate well with them all the way through and plan for contingencies. Prepare your checklist and engage the help of a removals company in Bristol such as General removals websites such as offer sensible guidance.

If weather makes moving impossible, what would you do? Have overnight storage facilities available and somewhere lined up to stay. Liaise in advance with other parties. If you can’t move, they probably can’t either, so a pre-agreed arrangement will lessen the stress and leave no one out in the cold.