Ways of Saving A Chipped Tooth

Your teeth are very strong; however under certain circumstances you can get one or some of them broken, chipped or fractured. Such conditions cause pain, soreness and anxiety. There can be numerous ways of saving a chipped tooth which can help you deal with ache and other discomforts until you consult a dental professional to get a treatment for your broken tooth.

See the dentist without unnecessary delays: if your tooth is chipped, make it possible to see your dentist without unnecessary delays. Three hours after you have gotten your tooth chipped are always important when you should consult your dentist. If you delay longer, you actually reduce the chances of recovery of your tooth and invite the likelihood of infection or losing the tooth.

Understand the difference of breaks types: there is a big difference if a tooth is broken, chipped or fractured so they need to be dealt according to their type of breaks. A broken or chipped tooth is more serious than a fractured one. If it is a large piece of tooth broken off, it will cause you major pain as it is open to the elements of spit, air or hot or cold food or drinks, these are symptoms of a chipped or broken tooth, whereas a minor crack or fractured tooth may go ignored as it is less expected to cause any signs. Vinograd who works with Brighton Dental Chipped Tooth Restoration, says that such fractures intensify with time; though, you may experience discomfort or ache when the damage lengthens to the nerve. Such pain also can be felt while chewing because of the pressure being put on the fracture. 

Follow A Few Self-Care Steps: until you manage to see your dentist, you can follow some self-care steps like:

  • Take a non-steroidal pain-killer medicine to deal with your pain. For instance, ibuprofen or other OTC pain-killer medicine like acetaminophen can help you kill your pain.
  • Make a mixture of warm water and some salt, and gargle with it. This will help your tooth stave off likely infection.
  • If your chipped tooth has gotten bleeding, apply gauze to the effected area for 10-12 minutes. If   it does not help, rinse your mouth with some of cold water as it will contract blood vessels and will help them stop the bleeding.
  • You can apply paraffin wax for covering your broken tooth if there are any pointy or sharp edges as it will help you avoid any wounding in mouth or inside the lips or cheeks. A sugarless chewing gum can also be helpful in covering the sharp edges.  
  • You may have to wait before you get any treatment in your dentist office. Make sure you use a cold squeeze on the side of the chipped tooth to lessen the swelling and take an anti-inflammatory painkiller so that you are comfortable while waiting to get a treatment.

Get your dental treatment: your dentist will give you the most suitable treatment for your chipped tooth; however the options are always depended on the severity of breaks. These options include getting your tooth filed down with dental filling or bonding, setting a dental crown or cap, dental veneer, and root canals.