What benefits do climbing frames bring to children?

Climbing is something that children instinctively want to do, which helps explain why climbing frames are adored by children. They are robust and great fun. They fire their imaginations and allow them to burn off some energy. What’s even better is that climbing frames are beneficial to children and can contribute to their physical and mental development. Here are some of the ways they are benefitting children.

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Climbing frames offer the benefit of encouraging children to climb in a safe and structured way. Climbing uses a combination of problem solving, coordination and physical strength. The equipment has been tested, so you know that it is safe to use. This is why you will often see these structures adorning children’s playgrounds around the country. These sites will have been selected and cleared before they can be safely used for young children playing. A Soil Remediation Company such as https://soilfix.co.uk/services/soil-groundwater-remediation helps to remove any hazardous materials from the ground and add any nutrients and other biomaterials back in. This then makes for a great base to create a children’s play park with plenty of trees and flowers around as well.

Benefits at home

As the cost of climbing frames is coming down, more and more consumers can afford to have one in their own homes. For those who have a climbing frame at home, the benefits are numerous. Regular exposure to climbing is guaranteed with the safe environment a garden can bring. Supervision is easier for the family when it is at home, and the child’s confidence will build as they repeatedly use the equipment.

An education

Climbing on a climbing frame has all sorts of educational benefits. Active play is recommended for all children to help develop their physical selves. Experts recommend using a climbing frame as active play to develop their skills at each stage of development. Children need space and safe physical equipment for active play, and they can get this by using a climbing frame. All their muscle groups will be developed through climbing as they are challenging themselves on the frame.

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In addition to balance and muscle development, there are other, less-obvious educational benefits to using childrens wooden climbing frames. Children will grow in confidence the more they are exposed to climbing frames. In addition, they will learn to manage their fears and benefit from the wonderful feeling of overcoming an obstacle. They help develop cognitive ability through problem solving and memory.

Most importantly, they are so much fun and can be part of an imaginary world that your child will cherish. Conquering the climbing frame and sliding back down is one of the best feelings. They are also quite attractive, which means they can boost the appearance of your garden.