What will this year’s home décor trends be?

Here is a guide to this year’s top trends and what 2018 has in store for home decor.

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Rich pigment colours

Grey is still the go-to neutral colour for interiors; however, it takes on a bolder shade in 2018. Now is the time to be brave with colour choices in furniture and on walls. Moody interiors prove popular, with dazzling emerald green and brooding violet key colours in 2018.

Dark wood

Furniture is also set to take a dark turn this year as we step away from bleached, pale wood of Scandi style and embrace darker tones of wood. Reminiscent of retro glamour, dark wood adds a modern, luxurious touch to our home décor, with metallic legs and handles adding the perfect finishing touch.

Wood adds a timeless edge. Contemporary wood can show off the beauty of the wood’s natural grain, such as in oak porches from specialists such as http://www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/.

Global eclectic

Travel and style around the globe always impact the latest trends, with home interiors in 2018 no different. Designers take influence from striking patterns and colours inspired by palaces and cities such as Rajasthan.

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Earthy shades such as ochre, terracotta and clay take prominence in the global-inspired patterns and prints that are a key trend this year, featuring textiles with a raw, tactile feel. Choose serveware and soft furnishings with large paisley or block printing designs to be one step ahead of this trend.

Artisan textures

Texture will be a big trend in 2018, with furniture that has a handmade, natural feel taking centre stage. Materials such as wicker and rattan will prove popular in 2018, coupling playful textiles featuring applique, raw edges and embellishments.

Tropical prints

A survivor from last year, the tropical trend will continue to be a top trend in 2018. The love of retro, botanical prints with vibrant, bright colours and energising green will feature across home décor. This looks particular striking against dark wood furniture and charcoal walls, again top picks for 2018.

Pineapples will also continue their reign in 2018 as a trendy motif to decorate your home. Although not to everyone’s taste, pineapples will make a big impact in spring and summer.

Botanical prints and flowers are always in fashion; however, small-scale prints will make the trend feel new.