Which style of sunglasses will suit you?

With the warmer weather lurking just around the corner, it is time to get summer-ready. The first item to check off your list is sunglasses. With such a huge range available, here is what you need to know to find the perfect pair.

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Finding the right pair of sunglasses can depend on a number of factors. You want a style that you can team with a casual shorts and T-shirt combo, gorgeous maxi dresses and smart workwear whilst ensuring that they are the right shape for your face. Let’s take a look at which styles you should go for based on your face shape.

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The main trick for round faces is to avoid round frames. This style will only accentuate the roundness of your face and could even make it appear more prominent; instead, go for a super-stylish square frame or Wayfarers with sharper angles, which will help to balance out the overall roundness of your face.


Those with heart-shaped faces will benefit from classic aviator-style sunglasses. Just make sure that the frame is in proportion to your face, as wearing sunglasses that are too wide will just look out of place and too much. You could also take a leaf out of Meghan Markle’s book and go for a more rounded style, personalised with your initials. This is certainly one way to ensure that no one will steal your glasses!


Just as with a round face, those with square faces need to avoid styles that match their face shape too closely. This means sticking to rounded styles, which can help to soften strong, square features. You get bonus points if your frames are wider than your face, which will help to round out your overall facial features. Pair with a full-length dress, such as one of the AX Paris maxi dresses, for a comfy yet flexible outfit choice whatever the occasion.


The most versatile face shape of them all, those with an oval face can pull off almost anything. From simple round frames to fantastically shaped styles such as the heart and cat eye frames, oval faces can wear them all. The only advice that those with oval-shaped faces should heed is to keep your new sunnies in proportion to your facial features, with the edges not overlapping the widest part of your face.