Why luxury underwear isn’t just for women…

Special lingerie is a popular gift for wives and girlfriends everywhere, but maybe it is time for the ladies to return the favour with luxurious undergarments now available for the men in their lives.

Luxury underwear designed for men

Boxers or briefs? It’s a common question, but there is now so much more to men’s underwear than those two choices. These days, premium pieces are more readily available for the boys, whether they prefer something silky, fashion-forward or a little more adventurous.

Far from being the comedy Valentine’s gifts of the past, men’s lingerie is now a serious business. High-end labels are focusing more on the design of their underwear to provide a great fit. They’re also using more luxurious fabrics, from the best cotton to silk, to give a rich feel.

Something more adventurous?

Great fabrics and designs make underwear a more desirable gift for boyfriends and husbands, but if they’re a bit more keen on trying out something frilly, they could always turn to women’s lingerie.

A good option would be something like the Prima Donna Deauville brief from Orchid Lingerie, which offers support and a stunning look. We promise we won’t tell, and no one needs to know what’s going on under their clothes.

Lingerie for the ladies and the men

With the men sorted, whatever their choice of pants, the women will want to up their undergarment game. Let’s face it: a gift of lingerie for a girlfriend or wife is not purely for their benefit, although it can mean getting a present that is impractical at best.

Instead, it would be a good idea to hint at a beautiful but supportive option like the Prima Donna Deauville brief from Orchid Lingerie and matching bra. It’s the kind of set you can really enjoy wearing for its look and feel. The Prima Donna Deauville brief is also available in varied shapes and colours to suit your personal style.

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The perfect gift for a partner

With Christmas just around the corner, it might be time to think outside the box on buying lingerie or underwear for your other half.

There are stunning options for both men and women, so no one needs to feel left out. It shouldn’t be hard to find a luxurious style to suit that special someone in your life.