St Patrick’s Day – History and Culture

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. St Patrick is said to have been the son of King Claddagh and Queen Medbarr, who were converted to Christianity from Paganism when they married. Although others have given him more humble origins such as a Fisherman’s son in Britain. Today, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world on  March 17th and many people buy ST Patricks Day Gifts like the ones form for their family and friends.

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The celebration of this Saint’s Day is a mixture of many cultures from all over Europe and even other parts of Asia and Africa. The history of St Patrick says that he was taken as a slave by Irish pirates and learnt the language and culture before he escaped. He then returned on a mission from the Pope to convert the Irish to Christianity.

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Today, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world with some variations and additions to the celebration depending on where you are. In North America, St Patrick’s Day is a national holiday that is different from the historical origins of the day but is still celebrated with parades, special presentations and of course the siren songs and coloured dress. Due to the Irish diaspora many people in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are descendants of their Irish ancestors and they celebrate this link to the old world with a real zeal and passion.  In fact there are some cases where the countries outside of Ireland put more into the day than the Irish themselves. However over the years this has changed a great deal.

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