The war between two segments of SEO

Somebody has beautifully defined ethics as a culture which, in absence of any compelling reason, does not allow a person to do things which if others do to him he finds it painful. So such culture forms the basic ingredient of the human civilization at its present stage of development. It engrosses all activities ranging from social relationship to economic and business relationship. Now this capitalist society is founded on the basic assumption that everybody has the right to own property and earn profit. But when the SEO agencies try to do the same thing the search engines cry foul in their intention. But when seen from outside it seems that the search engines also are doing business by providing the sites to the visitors, while the SEO agencies are doing the same trying to rank their client high up in the search engines. With this logic a world conference is being arranged in the year 2014 which is named as BlackHat World Conference. The conference is planned in a posh star hotel at Las Vegas with all decent and luxurious facilities. The organizer is bold enough to declare their tactics and almost opened a war challenging the search engines.

What is the black hat practice?

Many may wonder what after all this black hat practices are? In order to understand the black hat practice we have to slightly go back to the initial time when the search engine concept came into being. After the advent of the world wide web, the credit of which goes to the scientific community which is carrying out the famous experiment on Boson particle also called by the capitalist media as God particle, many files started to be uploaded in the web. Gradually it came to be known as internet. As the information started piling up it became very difficult to retrieve the files out of the jungle of information floating in the space. So the need arose to create a gin librarian who will be able to accomplish this apparently impossible task.

The technologists solved the problem by creating the search engines which include complicated software along with more complicated mathematical model called algorithm to search out the relevant information sequenced as per the relevancy compared to the keyword entered by the information seeker. With this a new business activity grew up with the birth of a number of search engines, the popular among them with international presence are Google, yahoo and bingo. Many more search engines have also come into being but they are having a local presence. The search engines have a marvellous business with high turnover which is growing day by day.

The entrepreneurs quickly understood the importance of the search engines in enhancing their business interest. They started to take the advantage of the search engines for marketing their product and services which is called now as online marketing. With this the whole world market opened up to the entrepreneurs and the cost of advertisement also went down drastically. The ease and quickness of the mode astonished the business authorities. Soon many more enterprises came to promote their products and services through online marketing.

Here came the necessity of ranking the web sites as per relevancy as claimed by the search engines. The search engine optimization companies came up to help the companies in designing their web site so that the web sites get ranked up high in the search engines. This gradually led to some practices which try to impress the search engine software and cause them to rank high.