The Health Benefits of Salsa Dancing

The health benefits of salsa dance are many and are sure to help you live a happier life. First off, the exercise requires you to use your entire body, which makes it an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. You burn more calories than if you were simply walking or jogging, even though you aren’t adding any heavy lifting to your routine. And best of all, you will find that salsa dancing is enjoyable, easy to learn, and most importantly, it keeps your heart rate up! If that’s not reason enough to get started, I’ll offer the final reason – the social benefits! For info on Salsa Classes London, go to

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The average salsa dancer usually crosses their arms and holds their hips while dancing. It is a slow, elegant movement that allows the dancer to build their core muscles. It also gets the heart rate up and increases circulation. As far as exercise goes, this is one of the most enjoyable because it allows you to meet new people and make new friends. If you’re shy and self-conscious about the way you look, learning to dance salsa will help you to loosen up, get more confidence, and will help you become more outgoing.

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It’s also a great social activity. If you’re watching your weight, or just want to have fun, dancing salsa can be just the ticket. Dancing also helps you break through that ever-present nervousness that plagues most people the minute they step into a club. So to sum it up, there are many reasons to give salsa dancing a shot.

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