The unpleasant bacteria disease

Back at the turn of the twentieth century there was a huge issue in Public health. The deadly sexual tranmitted diesease of Gonorrhea was rife. There was no known cure and the only treatment was the slow and steady gradual injections of mercury into the sufferers body. This was usually introduced through the urethra and was incredibly painful. Mercury is a poison itself and although it was relatively effective it could cause issues in many other parts of the body. If left untreated Gonorrhea was able to spread throughout the body causing inflammation of internal organs and affecting the eyes and nose. It causes pain when urinating and cna create sores and liaison over anywhere over the body.

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The use of mercury was all that Doctors had to combat it as the cause was still unknown. It is not until the discovery of and also the acceptance. Microbes as a cause that finally something could be done about it. The other cure of course was to not to catch it in the first place by abstaining. This was not always possible and transmission between married couples was not unheard of.

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Sadly, if they had had some Home StI Kits London way like those available to order from then they would have had a fighting chance to at least stop spreading it. Treatment is now centred on antibiotics but there are strong indications that the Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to the treatment. The use of a condom is suggested in all cases of sexual contact as the only effective way of avoiding transmission.

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