What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss in women above fifty is an extremely common issue. It can be very distressing and cause low self-esteem, however there are so many ways and methods to deal with female hair loss. The medical term for hair thinning is alopecia universalis. Complete hair loss of the scalp is simply alopecia totalis, which can also be known as female pattern baldness.

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Women begin to lose hairs at an early age when hormones fluctuate. The loss may be caused by stress, illness or other factors, and hair loss is a normal part of aging. Some of these reasons can be treated, while others will not. Treatments for alopecia include drugs, shampoos, special hair styles, and in more extreme cases a procedure known as hair transplantation. Most drugs are used to slow the loss of hair, while some use pharmaceutical compounds to try to treat the underlying cause.

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A hair loss doctor can help you determine the best treatment for you. The treatment options for women include drug treatment, shampoos, herbal remedies, surgery, and topical creams. If your hair is thinning because of hormones, then hormonal treatment would be your first option. You could also consider taking a supplement or using one of the herbal remedies available to help stimulate hair growth. If all else fails there are other things that you can fall back on. One of these is the growing in popularity option of Scalp Micropigmentation like that from https://www.hishairclinic.com/scalp-micropigmentation/.

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