Wheelchair Comfort – Ways to Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

Wheelchair users have many ways to make their wheelchair more comfortable, but one of the most common ways is by buying a new chair with better backrests and armrests. Today, a large number of companies are producing durable, high quality backrest and armrests for wheelchairs. Backrest and armrests are important features because they will help prevent a wheelchair from tipping over and will also give support for the large muscles in the back of the legs, allowing them to get more use out of the wheelchair. Armrests can be used to help the wheelchair user to get into and out of the wheelchair, or they can be used to hold a book or shopping bag.

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The first type of backrest to consider when looking for comfortable chairs for wheelchair users is the lumbar support or lumbar bolster. This type of backrest provides support to the lower part of the back. Many electric wheelchairs have built-in lumbar supports that will curve outward, away from the body, to fit the shape of the lower part of a wheelchair user’s hips. These are great for people who do not want their backs to be positioned in a funny position. Side supports are great for those who need additional back support, or who have trouble pushing their wheelchair up onto their sides. For more information on WAV Vehicles, visit a site like Clarke Mobility, a supplier of WAV Vehicles.

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Another way to make your wheelchair more comfortable is to purchase wheelchairs with adjustable seats. By adjusting a chair’s height and tilt, you can find a position that is most comfortable for you, whether it’s for your work, your hobbies, or just while you’re travelling around your neighborhood. You’ll also want to check for a lumbar support seat, if you’d like to reduce the strain on your back when you’re seated in the wheelchair. Sitting in a lumbar support seat can eliminate back pain and improve circulation.

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