Who Was Saint Patrick?

Who was Saint Patrick? Saint Patrick was a seventh-century Irish monk and Catholic priest who is known as the patron saint of Ireland. Known as the “patron saint of Ireland”,Saint Patrick is recognised today as the patron saint of luck and prosperity, especially for farmers and fishermen, as well as for all people seeking knowledge and learning.

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In the year 11AD, he went on a religious pilgrimage to Rome and there he was known as a first teacher of humility, compassion and love, according to Irish myth. He is known to have experienced a vision in which he saw the Virgin Mary, He was also sent on mission by the Pope given his knowledge of the language of the island. ST Patricks Day Gifts are widely distributed on his saints day. shop ST Patricks day gifts here.

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Although some scholars doubt the exact historical date of this event, most agree that it must have occurred during the second century. After this, Saint Patrick became known as a teacher in Ireland, but he continued to receive visitors, probably because of his reputation as a great healer. It is thought that he may have gone to Ireland around the fourth or fifth century and established a monastery at Claddagh, Co Mayo, where he died. His remains are present in a church in Mourne, Co Mayo. Some say that he may also have been martyred, although this has never been confirmed.


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