The new BMW 330e plug-in hybrid arrives in summer with 60 kilometers of electric range

Just a few days ago, BMW showed us it’s most efficient model of the 3 Series, prelude to the future BMW M3, and today the novelty is the plug- in hybrid of the family or BMW 330e. It will not reach the market until the summer of 2019, but we already have information and images of the model.

The most interesting without doubt of this 330e is its propulsion system, which combines a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine and four-cylinder (184 hp) with a 50 kW electric motor (68 hp) which, in addition, can offer a peak of power of 83 kW (113 HP). The combined power of the system is 252 HP, with a maximum torque of 420 Nm, and promises a 0-100 km / h in 6 seconds.

Regardless of the figures of power and torque, the most significant fact is that the model offers an electric range of up to 60 kilometers, which is an increase of 50% compared to its predecessor. It is also capable of reaching up to 110 km / h in Hybrid mode only with the electric motor (30 km / h more than before), or 140 km / h in Electric mode (before 120 km / h). The maximum speed of the model is 230 km / h, by the way.

One of the novelties of the 330e saloon is the so-called XtraBoost, which allows in Sport mode that the electric motor contributes the aforementioned power peak, thus enjoying the system of 41 additional HP in a timely manner (for example in kickdown mode, overtaking). It should be noted that the system has an automatic eight-speed Steptronic transmission, in which the electric motor itself, which functions as a generator in braking, is integrated to recharge the battery.

And speaking of battery, in this second generation of the plug-in hybrid of the range is lithium-ion, has a capacity of 12 kWh and is installed under the rear seats. The fuel tank, on the other hand, is located above the rear axle, so the luggage capacity suffers slightly: it offers 375 liters.

Thanks to those 60 kilometers of electric autonomy that allows, you can enjoy the Zero label of the DGT, and the average consumption approved (calculated in cycle WLTP but adapted to NEDC) is just 1.7 liters per hundred kilometers (39 g / km of CO2).

Among the most interesting options offered by the 330e include an acoustic protection function for pedestrians, the adaptive suspension M (associated with M brakes and variable sports steering), assistants such as the Parking Assist Plus or the reversing assistant, and systems of connectivity that will offer access to information about electric recharging points, for example.