The problems of petrol and oil on Tarmac

Do you have an unsightly patch of oil on your drive? Those who have a passion for tinkering with cars, motorcycles or other machinery will understand how annoying it can be to deal with such spills on the driveway. With concrete, such spills can be mopped it, which is the reason petrol stations have concrete and not tarmac surfaces. So, how to handle a petrol-stained driveway?

Time to think about your planting options for Spring

You could be forgiven for thinking that it is a little early to be thinking about your Spring planting plans in your garden. However, although it is still a little chilly out, now is a great time to be preparing your garden and thinking about how you want to display your plants. Image Credit Raised beds for example, are a great addition to any garden and can be used to grow your own fruits and vegetables and also as planting borders for your flowers and shrubs. You can find a…

Helping to keep HGV drivers safe

When managing a fleet of trucks, a fleet manager’s main concern will be the welfare of the vehicle, security of goods, but also the welfare of the driver. Driving for a living is a tough job and can leave workers susceptible to stress conditions unique to driving and it’s important to address these to improve conditions for all road users. Here are some ways in which the welfare of truckers is considered: Restrictions on driving time We all know the fatigue that can lead to accidents, and the pressure faced…

How to hire a crane

When completing any kind of building project, there is the likelihood that a crane may be needed to help transport or even erect building materials. Cranes of all shapes and sizes are available to complete the job. Image Credit In the case of a small home-based renovation project, steel beams or roof trusses may need to be lifted, whilst a larger construction project such as the building of a housing estate or a large rail infrastructure project could have all kinds of materials that need to be shifted. Image Credit…

Painting using a Spraying safely

Working in an environment where there is regular exposure to vapours from solvents can be harmful to health. Problems can include damage to the central nervous system, eye, skin and respiratory irritation, asthma and dermatitis through skin contact.

Repair and Replace as needed for Added Security

You might think that your home is pretty secure and you pay close attention to security. However, there are always times when a lapse in concentration or not having the time for that repair job results in our homes not being quite as burglar-safe as we like to think. There are some important areas of our homes that we shouldn’t neglect because they may just be an invitation to a very unwelcome guest. Side Gates Vulnerable areas of properties include side and back gates where burglars can sneak through and…

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Used in the Medical Industry

Ultrasonic cleaners have revolutionised how things are cleaned in a variety of settings. Simple, reliable and cost-effective, they are one of the most used pieces of cleaning equipment in the medical industry thanks to their ability to remove 99% of bacteria and dirt. Image Credit Uses in Dentistry and Ophthalmology It might not be obvious initially how ultrasonics could be used in dentistry other than to clean equipment as in hospitals. In fact, they are used in dental surgeries to clean crowns and dentures and to get rid of dental…

An Introduction to Public Safety Antennas

Public safety antennas are used for a variety of reasons. They can be employed to boost radio or Wi-Fi signals to allow better reception in emergencies, but they are also frequently used for visibility reasons. Attaching an antenna with a prominent flag is used to make vehicles more conspicuous when they are operating in potentially hazardous situations.

Keeping Children Safe indoor and Outdoors

When the weather is good, children love playing outside. Whether you are a parent or you run a childcare setting, the safety of children when they are playing outdoors is the most important thing. Here we look at some of the best ways to keep children safe when they are playing outside. Image Credit According to a survey reported by The Guardian, seventy-five per cent of children spend less time outdoors than people in prison. Part of this is connected to parents’ fear of their children having accidents. Keeping Children…

Things to consider when hiring a van

If you’ve got some heavy lifting to do or need to carry a lot of things in one go, then you may need to rent a van. It is not as simple as selecting the first company you see online, there are some things you will want to think about first and then you will know the right questions to ask. Here are some tips to help you: