The Subaru Forester is updated this 2019, with versions of LPG

The fourth generation of the Subaru Forester is updated for 2019, featuring a slight facelift, which materializes in new aesthetic details both in the bodywork and in the passenger compartment, in addition to a complete equipment focused on safety and with the option of become a hybrid of LPG in its less powerful variant.

The new delivery of the Subaru Forester was unveiled at the New York 2018 , but just received a new update to release the newly opened 2019. If the new generation was already continuist with the previous one, the changes we find in this retyling are minimal and they are reduced to the aesthetic section.

Already available at the dealers of Subaru, the compact SUV remains true to its essence: when something works, why change it. And is that the Forester can boast of being the best-selling model globally of the Japanese brand , being the second best sold in our market just behind the Subaru XV . Since it was released in 1997, it has registered 330,000 units sold.

More sporty and campero

Conceived on the new platform of the Japanese manufacturer Subaru Global Platform , architecture that shares with the XV and the Impreza , the Subaru Forester 2019 maintains the changes that we already knew in the premiere of the fourth generation, which we found mainly on the side, with steps of more bulky wheel and the new third bezel with ascending line.

To this are added new moldings for the wheel arches and slight changes in the front, which tend toward sportiness in each of its versions, patrimony until now exclusive of its more complete Executive Plus finish.

When entering the interior we find new moldings in the instrumentation , while the trunk incorporates a new PVC floor , which offers greater durability as well as repelling water, in which four guides are added so that the luggage slides better in the time to load it.

Only gasoline in the menu

The renewed Subaru Forester arrives at the market associated with a single 2.0-liter tetracylinder gasoline block , which is managed by a Lineartronic automatic changeover of continuous variator and transmits all its strength to the four wheels by means of the AWD symmetrical total traction , with torque distribution 50% per axis.

This propellant is offered in two power levels, one of 150 HP and another that uses turbocharging to reach 240 HP and is exclusive of the top of the range.

Also, the 2.0-liter and 150 HP propeller can be associated in any of the finishes that assemble it, all except the Executive Plus, to a Hybrid Autogas system (LPG)for an additional and thus be able to enjoy the ECO environmental mark.

Driver assistance technology, standard

The Subaru Forester 2019 is offered in our market associated with four trim levels: Sport, Sport Plus, Executive and Executive Plus. Without overpricing in any of its versions, it equips the Subaru EyeSight package focused on the technology of assistance to driving.

This pack has up to eight active safety systems, such as pre-collision braking with automatic assistance, adaptive cruise control, unintentional lane departure warning, lane maintenance assistant, throttle control, the skid notice or the exit warning of the front car.