3 Landing page errors to avoid

  1. Not having a clear value statement

Typically, new visitors to your page will only stay for a maximum of 3 to 20 seconds before making a decision to stay or not. In that brief period, you should offer an obvious and compelling reason to interact with your site.

This reason must be your company’s value statement. What your value are your readers getting in exchange for the time you ask them to spend on your site? High quality content is a must, but you also need to attract them so that they experience the content.

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  1. Poor signposting

Your landing page is not just there to be pretty. It is intended to convince people to take action. If you do not make it easy to find your call to action, most of the audience will not be looking for it.  For help with Web Design Yorkshire, visit Etempa

  1. Slow Loading Time

Remember that 3 to 15 seconds maximum time limit mentioned before? That period also includes the time spent for your landing pages to load, and every microsecond wait increases the likelihood of readers leaving. You must get your load time to be as fast as possible.

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Viewers who have to wait too long for your landing page to load, will give up and this increases the site’s bounce rate. Any increase in your bounce rates will lower your Google ranking and that of other search engines as well, which means a slow-loading page will reach a smaller audience and get less viewers altogether.