Welcoming visitors to your office

When it comes to welcoming visitors to your office there are a number of things that you will want to consider to ensure that this is a positive experience and leaves them recommending your business to their family and friends.

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Almost every organisation will have guests, no matter what field it trades in. This implies that organisations should have simple and easy-to-follow visitor management processes, whether they are visitors, applicants for interviews, contractors or delivery drivers.


Your policy should include asking for their name and determining who they are there to see when a guest first steps up to your reception desk. A request to see some sort of identification should follow this, preferably one that involves a photograph so that you can validate who they claim they are. To ensure that you don’t have visitors wandering around your office space you should clearly signpost your reception area and have a suitable desk for your receptionist to work from. You can Find a desk from a Next day delivery office desks company if you have yet to find one that is suitable.

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Some businesses are able to have people enter the building and make their own way to a particular office or conference place, while others will need to meet and escort guests. All visitors should have a pass that clearly indicates they are a tourist, whichever choice you select. This means that, if necessary, they may be questioned, such as if they are located in a restricted area.