Incorporating metal into your decor

One of the decoration trends that has remained a definite favourite for the past few years is metal. Whether it’s industrial-style metal furniture, traditional tin or big copper or brass trends, metal is here to stay. One area that is often overlooked is the ceiling but you can make this the fifth wall, so to speak and even include metal in this space. Are you looking for style inspiration and want to know how to integrate metal into your home? Then here are some modern metal ideas to bring your home straight to the raw metal trend without much effort at all:

Warm or cold?

Many people feel that metal is too cold to integrate into their décor, however, metal comes in a wide variety of different tones and patterns in decoration. The rose gold of copper and the yellow tones of brass appeal to those who like a little warmth in their décor, whilst blue and black steel and iron shades are more attractive to those who like colours that are stronger or more masculine. Choosing the metal that you like is a good step to integrate it into your home in various ways.

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What lies below?

An easy way to integrate metal into your home is to expose existing metals. Castors under cabinets or dressers, exposing work pipes (which are safe to expose) and metal panels. Sometimes we naturally cover things that can look great as they really are.

Play with Colour

Although metal can be more of an added texture to the room, metal can also add beautiful tones and colours. Copper, for example, is a beautiful tone for use in colder months because it reflects the warmth and golden light wherever it is used. This can work really well when combined with lighting features. Consider metal for your ceiling roses to truly create that warm glowing light you’re seeking. For Ceiling Roses, visit online retailers like Creative Cables.

Consider Industrial Trends for Your Bathroom

If you wish to apply metal in a way that is more substantial than simply incorporating some metal accessories, the perfect place to start making these changes is in your bathroom. The industrial look looks rather classic for the bathroom and every change will definitely stand the test of time. Open metal towel rails, thick industrial style radiators, beautiful steel baths or high brass taps can give you the look of the metal you desire, in a simple and stylish way.

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Expertise matters

Upcycling is the main prerequisite for items included in decorations for the past few years, which then turn to vintage. Now the focus is on work, especially if you invest in pieces that you want to keep for a long time. A large metal piece of artwork, metal light fittings and surrounds, metal table, metal lamp, or anything you want to be a feature of your home must be hand-made and of high quality because it will maintain its value and it will be a lasting addition to your home.