Free courses online university to start in September

September is the month of the post-holiday depression for most, but it is also the month in which they are caught enthusiastically courses starting again in schools, colleges and universities. Or perhaps this time is in the past for you?

Well no need to: you have the old you can do one of these free online university courses from the comfort of your home without spending a penny. Let’s see what we have available for this September.

Free courses online university to start in SeptemberHumanities and languages

  • Introduction to Logic , for those who need reinforcement Logic Stanford hand. Since 1 September.
  • Chinese Characters for beginner汉字 : Peking University teaches the basic characters of the Chinese language from September 1.
  • Italian for Beginners 1: Meeting, Greeting and Eating : Basic Italian course at the Open University. Starts on September 5.
  • Greek and Roman Mythology , for all the curious from the University of Pennsylvania and from September 5.
  • Learn to Speak Korean 1 , first course for those who need to know from the Yonsei University Korean. Starts on September 5.
  • Journalism Skills for Engaged Citizens : course to learn to know what you have to have a modern journalist from the hand of the University of Melbourne. Begins on September 12.

Science and math

  • Calculus One, for those who need to strengthen university mathematics . Since 5 September.
  • Computational Probability and Inference , MIT course starting on September 12.
  • Pre-Calculus: Trigonometry : Trigonometry course reinforcement from the University of California, from September 12.
  • Pre-Calculus: Functions : another course reinforcement of the University of California which begins on September 12, this time of mathematical functions.

Computers and programming

  • Analysis of Algorithms : The Princeton University brings this course to learn to identify what the scheduling algorithms from September 1.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Technologies : course of Princeton University to study and anonymous digital currency. From September 1.
  • Malicious Software and Its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story : the University of London teaches us not so well known reasons behind the creation of malware. Since 1 September.
  • Internet of Things: Setting Up Your Dragonboard ™ Development Platform : course of the University of California for those who have desire to tinker with film. Since 5 September.
  • Getting started with Augmented Reality : augmented reality regained prominence with the course of the Institut Mines-Télécom. Begins on September 19.
  • Cryptography I : Stanford University wants to teach us how information is encrypted since 5 September.
  • Learn to Program: The Fundamentals : course of reinforcement for those who will start a programming career. Since 1 September at the University of Toronto.
  • Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code : course of the University of Toronto to learn to improve our way of writing code. Since 1 September.