How to Choose a Coloured T-Shirt That Suits You

Choosing the right colour shirt can be tough, as there are often so many options to choose from. Good fashion and style are about good design, which involves more than just the garment itself.

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When deciding on colour in any type of design, there can be many factors involved. However, just applying some basic rules of thumb can really work wonders for your outfit.

Matching the Colour to Skin Tone

A good starting point is to assess the skin tone, as this will help you choose a colour of the mens Superdry T Shirts. Getting this right can make the difference between your looking vibrant and healthy and looking rather washed out. The key here is to have a good contrast between the shirt colour and your skin colour.

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A pale complexion will not contrast well with lighter colours such as whites or beiges. It is best to go for darker colours such as dark blues or dark reds. For those with medium or olive complexions there is a little more flexibility with colour choice. If there is a good contrast, then there are not many colours that are out of bounds. Darker skin tones not only suit lighter colours but can also dare to wear more vivid colours with confidence – so make the most of it and be bold when choosing mens Superdry t shirts.

Using the Colour Wheel to Choose Colours

A well-used design tool called the colour wheel can help you choose colours that go well with each other and even with your eyes. A number of possible colour schemes exist, as described by Sessions College for Professional Design. Complementary colours and their shades sit opposite each other on the wheel, such as shades of red and green. Complementary colours always pair well and are the most fool-proof selection of colour combinations that you could go with.

Other combinations include analogous colours, which are next door on the colour wheel but can sometimes be difficult to contrast, and monochromatic colours, which are shades of the same colour on the wheel – these can be the most difficult to get right if you are just starting out.