Take good care of that sweater.

In this day and age of fast fashion we should all try and make sure that the clothes we have last as long as possible. The use of the world’s resources is just as keenly felt in the cloth, wool and cotton industry as it is elsewhere. So when someone has gone and bought you a quality product like some Mens Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift you should try and look after it.

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Here are some of the ways you can lengthen the life of your garment. It might seem like a very simple first step, but before you wash the sweater, always read the label. You can pop most merino wool sweaters on a cold wash in the washing machine, but it’s still best to check it before you put it in. The wrong setting can ruin it before you’ve had a real chance to show it off.

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You should still turn it inside out, add a mild detergent and use cool water, whether you have to hand-wash or machine-wash your jumper. Ignore some kinds of biological detergent because on wool, the enzymes can be very harsh.

You shouldn’t need to iron it if you’ve dried your sweater properly, but sometimes those stubborn wrinkles just don’t go away. In this case, instead of adding pressure, the wool setting should be used on your iron and steam or gently spray the sweater. In your sweater, pressing down on the wool will cause it to shine. Tumble drying options should also be checked. The women of Aran didn’t have them so why don’t you follow their example.