How to Protect Yourself from Smog and Other Pollution

If you are wondering how to protect yourself from smog, there are some steps that you can take now to ensure that you do not have to breathe in the pollution and toxins that you have come to know as the norm in our society.

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The first thing that you should know when you are wondering how to protect yourself from smog and other pollution is what you need to avoid. As much as possible, you should avoid spending time where there is a lot of traffic and congestion and try to limit your consumption of fuel to only when necessary when you must travel by vehicle. You should also try to take public transportation whenever possible.

If you can’t avoid the rush hour commute or you need to walk along busy roads, consider the use of a face covering with nanofibre mesh technology which removes up to 99.9% of all airborne contaminants. Find out more about the R Shield Mask at a site like Respitech, suppliers of the R Shield Mask.

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Another thing that you should know if you are thinking about protecting yourself from smog and other pollutants is that it will not be hard to find sources of pollution. There are plenty of sources of pollution around, including factories, and other places that have been polluted for years. Therefore, it is important that you start to look at your sources of pollution and find ways to remove or improve them, especially if you are worried about the harmful effects that they might have.