The Inside of an Ambulance – The Equipment that Saves Lives in a Hurry

An ambulance is a fantastic vehicle that is capable of saving many lives due to its fantastic paramedic staff as well as the amazing machinery and equipment that is kept onboard.

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Ambulances do not just belong to hospitals either – they are often found at large events such as horse racing where there is a possibility that someone could sustain an injury and need treatment – these ambulances belong to companies like that supply event medical cover.


They are also useful to care homes that have elderly people who may need medical treatment as well as independent first aid companies like The Order of St Johns.


A Nebuliser – This is a machine which can turn liquid into vapour, allowing the patient to inhale it. It can be used with medicines that need to be quickly administered to the patient for an instant relief such as pain relief or breathing difficulties.

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A Spinal Board – These are used when a patient has a back or a neck injury. They are used to immobilise the patient as any movement may cause them further damage. It also allows the paramedics to be able to lift the patient onto the ambulance in a safe way.


Ventilators – Ambulances have specially made ventilators that are designed to be used in transit. So, if a patient is struggling to breathe the ventilator can breathe for them and they don’t have to wait until they get to the hospital which may prove fatal.