What Is Occupational Health?

It is highly important that your employees are well and healthy not only so they can do the work they are required to do as efficiently as possible, but also so that they are healthy and safe whilst working and overall, showing your staff that you care about their physical and mental well-being by providing them with services that can actively provide them with appropriate help and support when they need it, will make a huge difference in your workplace. Your staff will feel respected as they are treated like whole beings not robots whose only purpose is to do the work they are instructed to do. This will actually encourage them to be more productive.

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Occupational health services are designed to care for the well-being of your employees and keep them safe and healthy. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a big reminder to us about the importance of health in the workplace, and how illness can majorly affect businesses and people’s lives. An occupational health service can help implement health and safety procedures in the workplace to help prevent illnesses or work-related injuries.

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This will help lower the amount of staff absences and therefore be better financially for your business as you won’t have to pay for temporary workers or training new employees. According to statistics, after someone has been absent from work for around six months, the likelihood that they come back to work is only 50%!

Needless to say, having an occupational health service in the workplace can be hugely beneficial for your business, and your employers. If you need Occupational Health Wales, visit https://insightworkplacehealth.co.uk/.