Why Sitting Down is Causing Back Problems?

Back problems from sitting too long stem from the tremendous pressure that’s placed on the supporting tendons and muscles of your back. The spine tends to assume an S curve when looking on from the side. When you sit down, it most often looks like more of a C shape.

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This means that your back takes on a much longer horizontal distance to support the body than it does a vertical one. This shortening of the distance between your body’s centre of gravity and your lumbar spine puts undue pressure on the spine itself and, when this happens over time, can result in back problems such as disc degeneration, sciatica, and pain in the lower back.

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If you work at a desk all day (as most people do nowadays), you are at risk for having poor posture. As we sit in front of computer monitors for countless hours each day, poor posture can lead to neck pain, poor circulation, and a hunched back. If you are experiencing neck pain, seek treatment immediately. In fact, the treatment of any chronic neck pain can be started after your doctor has determined that your back problems are indeed caused by bad postural habits.

In other words, if you want to prevent future back problems from sitting down at your desk, change your sitting positions to a moderate position such as a seated or reclined position, or even use a lumbar support pillow instead of a desk chair. You should also ensure you use the correct Next day delivery office desks from companies such as Best Buy Office Chairs to keep our back supported throughout the day.