Choosing Curtains for your living room

The living room is just that. A place where you live or spend most of your time. The TV, the sound system and most importantly the sofa are all here. So it is therefore very important that the curtains you choose are of the best quality and fit for the place. As you are going to spend some 85% of your time when at home in it it isn’t something that you want to get wrong. We shall look at some examples but don’t leave it to chance. Ask a Curtains Tewkesbury based expert for help and advice and a great range of products.

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  1. Look at the decor. Anything you choose has to complement the walls and the decoration that you have around it. Something that clashes, no matter how much you like the material is going to cause an issue.
  2. Get some Sheer curtains. Light and how it enters the room is very important for the living room. Sheer curtains are a good compromise as they will allow a certain amount in but still give a degree of privacy.

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  1. The black out curtain. Designed to remove all traces of light this will also provide complete privacy and reduce noise. Useful if you live on a busy Urban street. However the room can become gloomy so additional lighting might be needed. Unless you like gloomy of course.
  2. Stylish Top treatment curtains. These have a nice tiny curtain at the top of the main ones that give them a nice look. This little curtain is called a valance.


All you need now is colour, patterns and what fabrics to go for.