Creating a Den for Your Teens

This year has been hard on most people, and one group that are finding lockdowns and the lack of social opportunities hard is the teenagers. Most teenagers like to get out and about and meet with friends and love interests so being told to stay indoors a lot of the time is hard for them.


If you have teenagers in your home, why not create them their own personal den that they can use to retreat to and chill out? Here are some good ways to make a special teenage space…


Location – You may not have a room going spare in your home that you can use, but there are ways you can create one. Converting a garage is a great way to create a room, or how about adding a garden room to your garden that will be a great place for a teenager to get a bit of time of their own.

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Furniture – Fill the room with comfy furniture – beanbags are a good way to furnish the room and are inexpensive. Get someone like Steve Unett aerials, a TV aerial repair Gloucester based company to install a television aerial for a television as well as a games console if that what your teens are into.

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Extras – To make the room a place that teens will love, focus on little extras. Funky lighting, a fridge for drinks and snacks and cosy throws and blankets are some great ways that you can make it a cosy and homely place to chill out in.