Five types of sweater every woman should own.

There is most definitely a sweater for every occasion. When the weather turns chilly, a variety should be available in your wardrobe.

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Thin or chunky, wool or cotton – choices, choices. A timeless classic that can be paired with your smart office skirt or your weekend jeans is a good initial investment that you will wear time-and-time again, but what are the are five basics that every woman should own to enable you to stay warm and stylish throughout those winter days?


Are you looking for style but not too fussy about a pattern? If so, stripes are your answer. They go with almost everything and are available in a multitude of colours, styles and yarns. You will have fun choosing the right one for you.

Fair Isle

A little more on the classic side would be a Fair Isle pattern, which is a great contender for that casual look. Patterns consist mainly of geometric shapes, such as crosses/diamonds/stars, usually in a limited number of colours.

Sweater dress

For that perfect office outfit, how about a sweater dress? Whatever the length, this type of dress with its texture and movement is suitable for any event. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maintain dress-wearing despite plummeting temperatures, and you only have to make the one choice of what to wear!

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Aran sweater

If traditional is your desired look, fisherman’s or Aran sweaters – usually in one block colour – provide you with that great cosy feeling. The integrated pattern in the design adds the required style but without you or the sweater trying too hard. You can pick an Aran sweater from Shamrock Gift or another stockist.


A turtleneck is so much part of the fashion industry that it never goes out of fashion. Born in the 1930s, it is as practical today as it was back in the 1970s when turtlenecks were all the rage. This style has the added advantage of elongating your neck.


For an individual fashion statement this winter, ensure you have a good range of quality sweaters in your clothing repertoire. Subtle patterns and muted colours will complement many of your outfits.

A good-quality sweater is most definitely not just for Christmas – let winter be the jumper season and embrace those lovely warm woollen knits every day.