Reasons Why You Need a Solicitor

You may be surprised to know that hiring a solicitor is quite common. Legal advice can be extremely useful when it comes to making big moments in your life such as buying a house and writing a will. I will list a few reasons why you may need to hire a solicitor. If after reading this, you decide to contact a Gloucester Solicitor, visit Dee and Griffin.

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The first reason you may need a solicitor is for conveyancing. This will make sure that after you have purchased a property or sold a property, the property is successfully transferred from one party to the other.

Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, using a solicitor to help you write your will, will ensure that everything that is required in the will to make it legal, will be included. Moreover, a solicitor will guarantee that everything you want to happen when you die, such as who your estate will be left to, will be clearly stated and set in stone.

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If you are looking to sue a company for selling you a product or service that you feel is unfit for purpose, you will need a solicitor. There are consumer laws in the UK protecting your rights as a buyer, so this is a possibility for anyone.

Likewise, if you wish to sue a company or make a compensation claim for accident or personal injury, you will need a solicitor. The type of accidents you can claim for include injuries following a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault or falls that caused a broken bone from manual labour at your place of work.

The last reason you may need a solicitor is if you commit a criminal offence. The solicitor will build your case and help you with guidance about the legal system.