Some bags that every man should own

Think bags are just for women? Think again. Here are some of the coolest bags that every guy should consider owning:


  1. Backpack

There are so many great reasons to own several backpacks. You can find smart business backpacks for carrying essential work stuff like laptops and tablets. Leisure backpacks can be essential for weekend trips or going to the gym. Look for something sturdy and breathable with adjustable straps for comfort.

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  1. Weekend Bag

Arriving at a swanky hotel for a weekend away is a time when the handy backpack should be left at home. You need something with a bit more sartorial elegance. Perfect for ensuring you pack all your essentials and gives off an air of sophistication to boot. For some smart new clothes to accompany your trip, tale a look at the Tommy Hilfiger Menswear from EJ Menswear


  1. Briefcase

While this might seem a bit old fashioned, if you regularly commute into the city then a briefcase can become your best friend. They look the part, more so than a backpack and a top quality one can last for years. To match your impeccable tailoring, only a sleek briefcase will do.

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  1. Messenger Bag

You may not have had one of these since you were a paper boy but thankfully the messenger bag has grown up with you. They are a great way to stay hands-free whilst still protecting your valuables and come in a vast range of mature luxury leather varieties or retro vintage fashion.