What is a Tattoo?

A tattoo is actually a form of bodily modification in which a coloured ink is injected, usually into the outermost layer of the epidermis, to change the colour pigment of your skin. Tattoos come in many forms such as names, symbols, animals or even words. The art of creating permanent tattoos is called tattooing. There are ways to remove a tattoo like laser treatment, but this may be painful, and it also leaves a scar behind so those who choose to get a tattoo should think carefully about the design they choose and who they choose to do it.

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If you have heard of tattooing the head to give the appearance of hair, be sure to contact a professional in this service and not a tattooist. There are important reasons why a tattoo artist is not able to provide the right services for treating hair loss. For details on Will scalp micropigmentation fade, visit a site like SMP Debate, for discussion of micropigmentation and Will scalp micropigmentation fade.

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Tattoos can be very expensive depending on what you want done. Some tattoos can cost hundreds of pounds. Also tattoo inks do tend to fade over time and the colours may not hold up as well as they once did.

Tattoo removal is difficult and painful. Tattoo inks have chemicals in them that affect the skin, the ink as well as the skin cells. If you were to attempt to remove a tattoo yourself, you would likely receive a moderate amount of pain. Also removing tattooing in general can cause scarring.