10 ways to add value to your home

If you’re looking to sell your property, you want to make sure you get the best price possible. Some repairs or improvements add more value than others, so which should you choose?

Major structural problems

Although they are the most expensive repairs to make, fixing major problems will make a big difference to your asking price. We’re not talking about cosmetic faults, but issues like sagging or leaking roofs, rising damp, cracking walls and insect infestations. If you’re not sure if a problem is major or not, ask a structural engineer, builder or surveyor. Look for one who belongs to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Add central heating

If your property doesn’t already have it, then adding central heating will make it a lot more appealing to buyers. Not only do most homes these days have heating, having it fitted is a big job which potential owners may dread. Take that hurdle away and fit it yourself.

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Enhance kerb appeal

Some buyers will dismiss your property without even coming inside, either by looking at the estate agent’s photos or doing a drive-by first. You want to make sure that your home looks great to anyone passing by, and let that For Sale board work for you. You can do this by repainting windows, doors and exterior walls, adding a house name or new number plaque, or opting for garage door installation by a reliable firm, such as http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-installation/, to refresh the outside view

Fix the small things

Although small repairs like peeling paint and loose tiles don’t cost much to repair, if there are lots of these small things, they add up in the buyers mind to a big problem. Take care of them ahead of time, and give your buyers one less thing to haggle over.

Kitchen makeover

Although a new kitchen may be out of the budget, you can do a makeover for a fraction of the cost. Change cupboard doors or paint them to give a fresh new look. Worktops can be switched out too, and if you have old-fashioned or cracked tiles, then painting or replacing these is a great option too.

Don’t despair if you want to sell and don’t have a massive budget for renovation. By doing the right things, you can make a big difference.